Vision Care Services Overview

Vision Care Services

The eye and vision system are complicated. We take our time with all our patients, providing the highest level of care and friendly service. True Vision is your family eye centre that provides a variety of services, from comprehensive eye exams to contact lens fitting, we have it all. We offer medical eye care for patients who may have general health concerns or are taking medications that may effect their eyes. Further, we provide consultation and co-management for those interested in laser correction procedures, as well as consultation and co-management for cataract and other surgical procedures . For more details please refer to our menu on the left.

The moment you see better is the moment we work for.

Optometrists in Alberta are able to...

  • measure the eye and visual function
  • prescribe and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • diagnose diseases and disorders of vision
  • prescribe medications for the treatment of eye diseases
  • remove non-penetrating foreign bodies (for example, metal) from the eye
  • provide post-operative care for patients after cataract and refractive surgery
  • prescribe eye exercises to achieve accurate and comfortable vision
  • undertake rehabilitative intervention for low vision
  • educate and counsel patients about preventing and treating eye disease, contact lens care, appropriate lighting, sunglasses or tints, and eye safety at home and in the workplace
  • refer patients, when appropriate, to ophthamologists (for example, for cataracts or a detached retina) or family physicians (for example, for headaches that are not eye-related or signs of high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes)
  • treat glaucoma
  • act as consultants to other health care providers
  • provide teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, school psychologists and other professionals with eye health information related to clients or students.

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